Home Visiting Programs

Home visiting programs provide in-home support to pregnant and newly delivered women with the goal of improving the health of infants through early childhood. Families are matched with a home visiting program best suited for them based on their health profile, place of residence and other factors.

Enrollment into Baltimore Healthy Start, Inc.’s program begins at recruitment. Recruitment happens in two ways: 1) Health Care Access Maryland triages all women eligible for home visiting into the right program for them across Baltimore City. 2) A Baltimore Healthy Start, Inc. recruiter enrolls each pregnant and postpartum woman with a child less than six months old, who live in one of our targeted communities.

The Healthy Start Program is an initiative mandated to reduce the rate of infant mortality and improve perinatal outcomes through grants to project areas with high annual rates of infant mortality in one or more subpopulations. The program focuses on the contributing factors which research shows influence the perinatal trends in high-risk communities. Families will be enrolled in the program until the newborn reaches 18 months of age. Call (410) 675-2125 for enrollment information.

Want to enroll? Call HealthCare Access Maryland to find out which home visiting program is best for you: 410-649-0500.