What We Do

To improve women’s health, we assess participants’ needs and work to ensure their access to comprehensive medical, social, behavioral, educational, and support services.

Upcoming Events!

Housing University Official Launch!

We are excited to launch the Housing University under our HRSA-Funded Catalysts For Infant Health Equity Grant of 2.5 million dollars over the course of five years! We are currently accepting applicants!


Baltimore Healthy Start, Inc. is a recognized programmatic success within the array of 105 federally funded Healthy Start programs nationally. We offer a number of programs and services geared to help support mothers, fathers, and their families living in our targeted communities, through all stages of parenting — from preconception to pregnancy to postpartum and between pregnancies, and during a child’s first few years of life — and beyond.

Housing University Official Launch

Check out WBALTV's coverage of our Ribbon Cutting Celebration, hosted to officially launch the Housing University, a program supported by the HRSA-funded Catalyst for Infant Health Equity Grant of 2.5 million dollars!

Leadership Team with Alma - June05 - Copy

Artist/Former CEO Alma Roberts Gifts BHS with an Original Artwork

Alma Roberts, Former CEO to Baltimore Healthy Start gifted us with the piece, "Maternal Messenger" an original acrylic painting!

People Served

January 1, 2020 - December 31, 2020
January 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021