Infant Mortality Awareness Month!

Infant Mortality Awareness Month is acknowledged each year in September. The United States has the highest Infant Mortality rate along with the highest Maternal Mortality rate out of all "first-world," developed nations.

Each year, Baltimore Healthy Start, Inc. host an annual Baby Buggy Walk to raise money for programs designed to prevent infant mortality and build stronger, healthier families.

We Are Hiring!

Sexual Health Awareness Month

The World Health Organization defines Sexual Health as: a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality.

One of the ways we can achieve sexual wellness is by practicing safe sex! Get tested and know your status before engaging in sexual activity with new/current partners. Safe sex is the best sex!

Housing University Official Launch!

We are excited to launch the Housing University under our HRSA-Funded Catalysts For Infant Health Equity Grant of 2.5 million dollars over the course of five years! We are currently accepting applicants!

11th Annual Baby Buggy Walk

Join us Saturday, September 30, 2023 at Patterson Park, Pulaski Monument from 11AM to 2PM

11th Annual Baby Buggy Walk

Thank you for supporting our 11th Annual Baby Buggy Walk. We appreciate your dedication to ending infant mortality!


Baltimore Healthy Start, Inc. is a recognized programmatic success within the array of 105 federally funded Healthy Start programs nationally. We offer a number of programs and services geared to help support mothers, fathers, and their families living in our targeted communities, through all stages of parenting — from preconception to pregnancy to postpartum and between pregnancies, and during a child’s first few years of life — and beyond.

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Landlord and Developer Symposium & Luncheon

We are excited to announce Lawrence T. Brown, author of best-selling book, Black Butterfly Project as our Keynote Speaker for our upcoming Landlord and Developer Symposium & Luncheon.

Lashelle and Marc Clarke

Watch Our Executive Director on Bmore Lifestyle with Fox 45!

Marc Clarke and the Fox 45 team visited our headquarters (610 N. Chester St. 21205) to get the inside scoop on our upcoming 11th Annual Baby Buggy Walk on Saturday, September 30th!

You can catch our segment Wednesday, September 27, 2023 at 11:30 AM.

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