BHS Store

lashelle in Healthy Start store

The Baltimore Healthy Start store provides a way for our families to “purchase” needed items, like diapers, pacifiers, child-proofing kits and more, with Healthy Start “bucks,” rather than cash. Clients earn bucks for healthy behaviors and attending events.

Store Hours

Tuesday 12:30- 2:30pm

Wednesday 12:30- 2:30pm

Thursday 12:30- 2:30pm

Healthy Start Store Criteria

In order to earn Healthy Start Bucks a person has to be/do the following:

  • Enroll in the Healthy Start Program
  • Be an active Healthy Start Client
  • Keep Home Visiting, Orientation and/or Care Plan appointments with NHA
  • Keep routine doctors and well child appointments
  • Attend Center Based Activities
  • Attending scheduled classes (i.e. GED, Breastfeeding etc.)
  • Collaborative Meeting Participation
  • Parent Leadership Groups
  • Attend Sister Circle Groups
  • Achieve goals on Care Plan