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We’re Here for Women, Mothers, Babies, Fathers, and Families.

Welcome To Your New Beginning . . . 

Baltimore Healthy Start provides services, health care, and resources for high-risk women, pregnant and postpartum women, their babies, and the fathers living in our communities. 

Our goal is to help babies safely make it to their first birthday and beyond.

Navigating pregnancy and parenthood can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming

That’s Where We Help. 

Our team listens and serves with compassion. Most of our recruiters, health workers, and peer models are from the communities they serve.

Welcome To Your New Beginning . . . 

Women, Mothers, and Babies

You Are Not Alone

Our program offers support through all stages of motherhood: preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, in-between pregnancies, and individualized support through the first 18 months of your child’s life.

The communities we serve have an infant death rate 1.5 times higher than the national average. We care deeply for families and work to ensure babies are brought into the world safely and make it through their first birthday.

You’ll receive the tools to help you nurture and care for your children with access to health care, support groups, transportation, and other resources.

We believe every child deserves a safe and nurturing environment from the first few years of life and beyond, and we help make that happen. We match families with  services based on location, health profiles, and other factors.

Free programs for mothers include:

  • Belly Buddies: An 8-week program that pairs together expectant mothers with close delivery dates. This is a great opportunity to share experiences, reduce stress, and receive prenatal care information. Activities include yoga, knitting, and massage therapy; educational classes include positive parenting, nutrition, and childbirth.
  • Sister Circle Program: Participants share their emotional, spiritual, and health needs in meetings. Stress-reducing activities include mask and jewelry making, trips to DC, and yoga classes.
  • Breastfeeding Support group: Pregnant and new moms learn about breastfeeding and get support from one another.
  • Family Planning & Health Screenings: We fill the gap in prenatal care and offer health screenings (including mental health!) based on national guidelines for communities with high infant death rates.
  • Early Child Development Program: Certified childcare staff engage with infants and children, allowing parents to attend on-site groups or meetings.

And much more . . .

Our programs empower, encourage, and equip mothers to develop essential life skills, become self-sufficient, and create a better future.

babies with ball

Fathers and Families

We Are Here For You


Fathers are so important to a family, and we value them as much as we do mothers! Research shows that children are likely to be more successful with a father present in their lives. 

We offer dedicated support for fathers and expecting fathers — separate from our care for mothers. 

We provide father-focused, skill-building resources that help men understand the importance of their role as a father.

Our program helps dads focus on their physical, mental, and spiritual health in order to positively engage in their children’s life.

Gain the tools and confidence you need to be involved in your children’s lives. Discover: 

  • How to discipline
  • Tips on connecting with your child
  • Communication and co-parenting strategies
  • How to support Mom through a healthy pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting classes

A fatherʼs love is just as important as a motherʼs to children’s development. We believe every father has a unique and special gift he brings to raising his children.

We’re more than a program . . . We’re your community.

Our families have access to many free programs, resources, and support. Due to Covid-19, many of our programs are virtual.  Allow you to access care and support from home.

We also offer transportation to health care appointments and center services, as well as childcare for parents when they attend classes or events at the center.

Our programs are designed to engage the entire family.

GED classes
Teen Groups
Parenting Classes
Leaping for Literacy
Parent Leadership Groups
Early Child Development Program
And many more!

Our families also get access to our store, which allows families to “purchase” needed items with “bucks” rather than cash. Bucks can be earned for healthy behaviors and by attending events. Shop for items like diapers, pacifiers, child-proofing items, and more.

We provide the tools and support families need to strengthen their relationships, create stability, and enjoy a better life together.

In a Healthy Family, Every Member is Important and Should be Cared For.

Start Building A Better Future For You, Your Children, and Your Family Today!