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What We Do

We believe in providing client-centered care — specifically, preventing the death of a baby before the age of one and any other poor health outcomes during the perinatal period. We work with our families in their residences, to ensure that every child has a safe, nurturing, thriving environment every day, for the first few years of life — and beyond.

Baltimore Healthy Start, Inc. recruits pregnant and postpartum women with a child less than six months old, who live in one of our targeted communities . We assign new enrollees to a Neighborhood Health Advocate,  a staff member who performs home visits and provides necessary, individualized support to the family until the newborn reaches 18 months of age .

  • The Healthy Start Program is an initiative mandated to reduce the rate of infant mortality and improve perinatal outcomes through grants to project areas with high annual rates of infant mortality in one or more subpopulations. The program focuses on the contributing factors which research shows influence the perinatal trends in high-risk communities. Families are enrolled until the new-born reaches 18 months of age.

We offer wellness services, including:
  • Slide2-1200x600Family planning (in home or at the center)
  • Preventive screenings to identify early pregnancy complications (IPV, smoking etc.)
  • Mental health and other health screenings, with appropriate referrals
  • Belly Buddies
  • Sister Circle
We engage our families and community by providing:ECD_pic
  • Transportation to health care appointments and center services
  • Child care for parents during classes/events at the center
  • GED classes
  • Parent Leadership Group
  • BHS Store
  • Monthly Events
  • Community Action Network (Federal Healthy Start)