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The ultimate goal of Baltimore Healthy Start, Inc. is to provide a nurturing, caring, and transformational childhood experience that will inspire our citizens to grow, motivate them to succeed, and desire to make a difference in their community. But don’t just take our word for it, listen to the voices of those whose lives have been impacted by what we do.

In 2011, Baltimore Healthy Start celebrated 20 years of working with vulnerable clients and their families to improve birth outcomes. Here is some of what clients had to say as we marked this milestone:

I really needed this program. It helped me out. I depend on this program to help me out when I am in need. I really like my NHA. Ms. Thomas is always helpful and really treats me like I am one of her family members. She cared about me when my family didn’t. My kids and I benefit from Healthy Start.”

– Nikki Miller

From the moment I picked up the phone and called to enroll I felt there was hope. Whereas I originally had none. The NHAs I worked with helped me to feel that everything was gonna be alright. The visited my home without prejudice, provided me with information on how to stay healthy during my pregnancy and help with quitting smoking. I was unaware of the “back to sleep policy” because when I was younger, our babies slept on their stomach. The education they provided made me aware of the dangers of doing this and how to make my baby crib safe.

– Melissa Hughes

Healthy Start is a very helpful program. I am 19 years old and be needed someone to talk to and the people at Healthy Start does just that. They give me great advice and they do not hesitate on asking me questions. I love how they show interest in how I feel. That is really important to do for a teen mom. They also are helpful with giving me things that I need to help my baby and I. For example, I did not have vitamins and they gave me some to help my baby and I health. I am really thankful for this program and hope they can continue to help me.

– DeJ’a Gladden