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Community Engagement

Federal Healthy Start programs across the country are leading and participating in community collaboration, information sharing and advocacy through Community Action Networks (CAN), which involve Healthy Start participants, community-based organizations, providers and community leaders in efforts to strengthen community service systems and address social determinants of health. The Collective Impact framework is used to facilitate community collaboration to address specific social problems.

Baltimore Healthy Start, Inc.’s CAN has representatives from the Baltimore City Health Department, Amerigroup, Art with Heart, B’More for Healthy Babies and representatives from our Parent Leadership Group.

In 2016, the CAN decided to address housing and how it impact health in Baltimore City. Since then we have held two Health and Housing Symposiums. Our CAN partnerships are growing and we look forward to working with you.

Click here for an introductory video to the 20/20 Vision Campaign.

Click here for important information from our new partner the Baltimore Housing Roundtable!

Download our new Fact Sheet on The Housing Affordability Crisis in Baltimore!



Download Justice Diverted: How Renters are Processed in the Baltimore City Rent Court. This new research provides a deep dive into Baltimore’s evictions crisis, where approximately 7,000 families are evicted each year, taking a particularly heavy toll on women and African Americans.

The data in the report demonstrates how the outcome of an eviction case often does not depend on the merits of the case. Rather, the fate of a family’s home rides on a court system that puts long-standing tenant protections and basic housing standards second to court efficiency and landlords’ bottom line.








Download Community + Land + Trust:  Tools For Development without Displacement describes how Baltimore’s policy of providing public subsidies and cheap land to economic developers has failed to create good paying jobs for low-income residents, and puts those residents at risk of eviction as housing costs increase and public housing subsidies decline.   The Baltimore Housing Roundtable offers an alternative, evidence-based vision that puts people to work meeting the human needs of affordable housing and sustainable communities.  Community land trusts and a comprehensive vacant housing initiative will create neighborhood-based institutions to drive development, employ city residents, and create permanently affordable housing that is equitable and inclusive.  An annual funding commitment to this vision, through the City’s bonding authority, is both plausible and visionary.










Advisory Board

The Advisory Board for our Healthy Families America program is a diverse group of Baltimore City residents, businesses and non-profits who provide input on policies, procedures and materials. The Advisory Board meets quarterly.


Contact us for information about joining the CAN or the Advisory Board.